Department of Anatomy

The University of Medicine, Magway



At the end of the course, the student should be able to:


  1. explain the exact meaning of anatomical terms and use it correctly
  2. acquire sufficient knowledge of topographical, sectional, surface and radiological anatomy of all parts of the body
  3. acquire sufficient knowledge of the microscopic features of tissues and organs of the body
  4. explain embryonic development and the common malformations which may arise as a result of failure in the process
  5. correlate embryonic development with the structure of normal organs and tissues and with the establishment of the anatomical                                              relationships in the body.
  6. acquire information about the basic principles of human genetics
  7. understand the structure of chromosomes and their abnormalities
  8. acquire the information of different types of inheritance in man with particular reference to single gene inheritance
  9. acquire basic understanding of the clinical relevance of the anatomical structures studied


  1. develop the skill of accurate observation
  2. identify the normal shape and contours of all visible and palpable parts of the body
  3. identify structures and organs of the body in cross-sectional appearance
  4. use the light microscope effectively and interpret the normal microscopic structures of the body
  5. identify the bones and their salient features which form the scaffolding of the body
  6. identify the bony landmarks on the living body
  7. draw the surface anatomy of the organs, nerves and vessels


  1. realize that learning of anatomy is an essential pre-requisite to practice of medicine
  2. realize that variation from normal structure and function of human body is to be appreciated so that in clinical and future medical practice he will be able to detect early changes
  3. realize that the development of the working mental model of human body which is important in clinical work can only be achieved by repeated inspection and palpation of the body and its parts
  4. value the good surgical practice could only be based on adequate anatomical knowledge off human anatomy
  5. respect the human cadaver as a silent mentor and peer tutors

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