Department of Chemistry

The University of Medicine, Magway

Academic Staff



Lecturer and Head

  1. Daw Ei Ei Khaing          B.Sc.(Hons.),M.Sc                                              


  1. Daw Khin Yu Yu Swe           B.Sc.(Hons.),M.Sc.(Chemistry)
  2. Daw Yin Yin Thein               B.Sc.(Hons.),M.Sc.(Chemistry)
  3. U Myint Naing                      B.Sc.(Hons.),M.Sc.(Chemistry)


Assistant lecturers

1.Daw Saw Sanda                                    B.Sc (Q),M.Sc (Chemistry)

2.Daw Blossom Thaung                            B.Sc (Hons;),M.Sc (Chemistry)

3.Daw Nwe Nwe Khaing                         B.Sc (Hons;),M.Sc (Chemistry)

4.Daw Ohn Mar                                        B.Sc (Hons;),M.Sc (Chemistry)

5.Daw Ni Ni Win                                      B.Sc (Hons;)(Chem;),M.Sc (Engg;Chemistry)

6.DawMyo Zar Ne Htwe Soe                   B.Sc (Hons;),M.Sc (Chemistry)

7.Daw Mya Dar Li                                    B.Sc (Hons;)(Chem;),M.Sc (Engg;Chemistry)

8.Daw Khin Mar Htun                              B.Sc (Hons;)(Chem;),M.Sc (Engg;Chemistry)

9.Daw Yu Yu Nwe                                   B.Sc (Hons;)(Chem;),M.Sc (Engg;Chemistry)

10.Daw Tin Nwe Oo                                B.Sc (Q),M.Sc (Chemistry)


1.Daw Thin Thin Khine                                 B.Sc (Hons;),M.Sc (Chemistry)
2.Daw Amy Zan Oo                          B.Sc (Hons;),M.Sc (Chemistry)

3.Daw Yee Wai Lwin                                   B.Sc (Hons;),M.Sc (Biochemistry)