Department of English

The University of Medicine, Magway

Daw May Kyu Myint

Lecturer and Head
B.A (Eng), Dip in ELT ( YU ), Dip in Japanese ( YUFL ), M.A ( English )


Under graduate Course 1st M.B.,B.S Course
Period of study ten months
Total teaching hour  (180) hours
Method of teaching  Lecture

A total of 180 teaching hours is allocated  as follow:

Practice 162 Hours
     A. Reading 40 hours
     B. Listening 22 hours
     C. Speaking 24 hours
     D. Grammar and syntax 33 hours
     E. Vocabulary development 8 hours
     F. Writing 35 hours
Practice 162 hours
Tutorial 12 hours
Tests                                               6 hours
Total                                              180 hours
PPD                                                        50 hours


1.    Reading comprehension passages

1. 1. How Medicine Began
1. 2. Hospital
1. 3. Medical Symbols
1.4. You Never Can Tell
1.5. Medical Students
1.6. Amnesia
1.7. Shock
1.8. Sleeping Sickness
1.9. Strokes
1.10. Split Personality
1.11. Perfect Posture
1.12. AIDS
1.13. Autism
1.14. Gambling
1.15. Health
1.16. Relax and Live
1.17. Media
1.18. Modern Surgery
1.19. Nutrition
1.20. International Code of Medical Ethics of the World Medical Association-1949
1.21. Physician's Oath
1.22. The Oath of Hippocrates

2. Cloze types from American mosaic, articles, text , journals and magazines,
3.  Vocabulary development
       General vocabulary, Medical vocabulary,  medical terminology, abbreviation and phrasal verbs
4.  Various sources for writing practice
      memos, messages,.postcards, referrals, case history, essays
5.  The use of certain grammatical items
     (articles, subject verb agreement, quantitatives, conditionals, tenses, prepositions, stylistic transformation, relative clauses, modals,do or make)
6.  Listening materials
      for pronunciation, everyday conversation, lectures, interviews, discussions, CDs
7.  Speaking practice materials
       for pronunciation, everyday conversations, lectures, interview, discussions,  presentations
8.  PPD materials
The new course book Gateway, B2, David Spencer, MACMILLAN has been used since this academic year (12/ 2016).