The University of Medicine, Magway

Departmental Objectives

At the end the course of instruction, the learner should:

  • acquire knowledge of the basic principles of pharmacology considered essential for rational, i.e., effective and safe use of therapeutic agents in health care.
  • be able to relate the actions of drugs to their uses & untoward effects, for the purpose of tackling therapeutic problems regarding appropriate choice of drugs.
  • describe and/or perform simple experiment to illustrate the principles of pharmacology, and to interpret results from these experiments.
  • be able to apply pharmacokinetic principles to calculate plasma drug concentrations achieve optical clinical effects.
  • aware of the variability of drug responses in individuals and the existence of drug interactions which may modify usual pharmacological effects and give hazards.
  • aware of the capabilities and limitations of different drug preparations depend on which drug choice should be made.
  • develop the habit of using Essential Drugs Concept and Rational Prescribing Practice in providing health care.