Department of Renal Medical

The University of Medicine, Magway

Department Research



I.Completed Dissertation

1.May Phyu Sin (2012)
Outcome of haemodialysis on acute renal failure due to Viper Bite in Magway Divisional Hospital

2. Kyaw Zin Lynn (2016)
Clinical and Laboratory Prediction of Acute Kidney Injury following Russell’s Viper Bite

3. Nan Htay Kham Htwe (2017)
Cardiovascular Manifestation in Viper Bite Patients

4. Phyo Thi Han (2018)
Association between Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio and Systemic Complications in Russell’Viper Bite Patients

5. Swe Swe Thet (2018)
Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy in Chronic Kidney Disease

II. Dissertation in Process
1. Thwe Mie Hlaing (2019)
Effect of Losartan Potassium on serum Cystine C and microalbuminuria in early Diabetic Nephropathy patients

2. Nyi Nyi Htwe (2019)
Iron Status In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients With Anaemia

3. Thet Htar Aung (2019)
Residual Renal Impairment In Patients With Acute Kidney Injury Due To Viper Bite

4. Situ Tun (2019)
Clinical And Epidermiological Profile of Russell’s Viper Bite

5. Thuta Naing (2019)
Wound Infection Among Russell’s Viper Bite Patients

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