Department of Mathematics

The University of Medicine, Magway



1 .        MATHEMATICAL  LOGIC                                           

                        Statement  and  Truth  Values

                        Conditional  Statement

                        Open  Statements

                        Quantified  Statements


                        Validity  of  an  Argument                   

2 .        PROBABILITY                                                                        

            Method  of  Counting



            Conditional Probability

3 .        CALCULUS                                                                             



            Area Under  the  Curves

            First Order Differential  Equation

                        ( a ) variable  Separable

                        ( b ) first Order Linear  Equation


4 .        STATISTICS                                                                               


-Mean, Median , Mode , Mean  deviation ,

                         Standard  deviation , Quartile , Docile ,

                         Percentile , Frequency  Polygon  and  Histogram,

 Cumulative Ogive                 

5 .        PROBABILITY  DISTRIBUTION                                          

            Discrete  Probability  Distribution

            Continuous  Probability  Distribution

            Binomial  Distribution

            Poisson  Distribution

            Normal  Distribution

            Confidence  Interval  on  Normal  Distributed

Course  Outline

Mathematical  Logic

Statements , Logical  composites  and  their  truth  values

Logical  Equivalence , Validity  of  the  argument

Quantifiers .


Core (Must  Know )

Permutation, Combination

Conditional Probability Independent  and Dependent  events


Integral  Calculus  

Core (Must  Know ) 

Integration   formula  ,  Properties of integral

method of Substitution ,  Integration  by  parts

Area under  the curve

Variable  Separable and  linear  first  order  differential  equation 



Quartiles, percentiles ,

Inter quartile   range .

The mean deviation from the mean standard deviation The variance   Standard deviation  data in the from of a Frequency distribution

Probability  Distribution

Discrete and  Continuous Random variables

Probability  density Function

Expectation of x  and f(x)

Variance of  random variable 

Cumulative  Distribution function

Expectation and variance  of two independent  random variables   Distribution 

Binomial and  Normal  Distribution