Department of Paediatrics

The University of Medicine, Magway


First year                                                                    Duration                     Teaching Method

1.   Basic Medical Sciences                                         2 months                     Lectures, Tutorials

      (Related to Pediatrics)

2.  General principles of Internal Medicine                6 months                     Tutorials

      and Pediatrics                                                                                             Seminars

3.   Social and preventive pediatrics                                                                Topic reading

                                                                                                                         Journal reading

                                                                                                                         Case assignment

                                                                                                                         Clinical duties


4.   Revision and Evaluation for                                 1 month

       First year Examination


Second year and Third year                                       Duration                     Teaching Method

1.Preparation for M. Med. Sc                                     3 months                      Self Reading

   Dissertation protocol                                                                                                  (supervised)

2. Pediatric emergencies                                             16 ½ months                 Tutorial

                                                                                                                         Topics and

3.  Systemic pediatrics                                                                                      Journal reading

                                                                                                                          Case discussion

                                                                                                                          Case conferences

                                                                                                                           Case assignment

                                                                                                                           Clinico-Pathological meeting  

                                                                                                                           Performance /Autopsy attendance

4.  Neonatology                                                           2 weeks

5.  Pediatric related medical                                       3 ½ months                   Out-posting

 Learning Strategies

1. Clinical pediatrics

2.  Principles of Pediatrics

3. Dissertation


1. Formative assessment

2. Summative assessment

    (a) Theory paper composed of Written paper and Viva

   (b) Clinical

(2)     Diploma Course in Child Health