Department of Paediatrics

The University of Medicine, Magway

Research Work

Dissertations of PG Students Research Activities in 2015

  1. Study on birth defects in newborns at Magway Teaching Hospital.

(Dr Han Swe)

  1. Study on knowledge, attitude and practices of caregivers regarding

            dengue infection in Magway Region General Hospital. (Dr Nyein Ei Paing)

  1. Study on serum lipid changes in children with Nephrotic Syndrome

          (Dr Win Win Htike)

  1. The study on serum sodium levels in children with pneumonia admitted

            to Magway Region General Hospital. (Dr Chit Su Paing)

  1. A study on Rota Virus Infection Among Children  with Acut

             Gastroenteritis under 2 years admitted to Magway Region General Hospital.(Dr Nwe Nwe Latt)

      6.  Study on the relationship between NS1 antigen positivity and severity of

               dengue infection in children (Dr.Khin Thidar Naing)

(7) Study on renal function of HIV Seropositive children from 2 to 12 years of

     age  in Magway Region General Hospital (Dr.Thidar Win)

Ongoing Research Activities

  1. Association between perinatal asphyxia and haematological parameters of the newborns (Dr.Khaing Yu Nwe)
  2. Factors associated with blood transfusion in preterm low birth weight babies (Dr.Nyein Nyein Ei)
  3. Usefulness of early serum bilirubin measurement in newborns with incompatibility (Dr Si Thu Hein)
  4. Antibody response to hepatitis in children vaccinated with pentavalent vaccine according to expanded programme of  immunization

           (Dr Su Myat Po)

  1. Anti streptolysion titers of normal healthy children in Magway region (Dr Zin Myat Mon Win)
  2. Assessment of hearing impairment by autoaccustic emission test in term neonate following aminoglycoside therapy

             (Dr Nway Nway Theint Zaw)

  1. Knowledge and practices of caregivers regarding febrile convulsion in Magway Region  (Dr May Zin Oo)
  2. Outcome of neonates with meconium stained amniotic fluid (Dr May Myat Thu)
  3. Immediate outcomes of babies of multiple pregnancies delivered atmagway teching hospitals (Dr Mya Thandar Phyu)
  4. Effectiveness of mentzer index for diagnosing iron deficiency anemia among 6-12 years old school children in Magway Township

           (Dr Ei Nyein Linn)