Department of Pathologoy

University of Medicine, Magway

Departmental Activities


Department of Pathology, as in other universities in Myanmar, has three main functions.

The first and foremost important function is teaching of undergraduate students(3rd MBBS and Final Part I MBBS students). General Pathology is taught in 3rd MBBS class and Systemic Pathology in Final Part I MBBS class, one year for each class. All teachers in the department are responsible for lectures, small group discussions, practicals and tutorials.

For postgraduate teaching, all except demonstrators have to be involved.

Because pathology is a clinical subject, our senior pathologists have to participate in the laboratory work in hospital- reporting of peripheral blood film, performing and reporting of bone marrow aspiration and trephine biopsy, reporting of chemical pathology data, cutting up of surgical specimens and reporting etc.

A university without research should not be regarded as a university. Therefore our department is now trying our best to do research. The Ministry of Health is now giving a lot of research grants for all universities.Although we have research papers done by MMedSc and PhD students, still we have none as a departmental project. At the present moment, we are beginning a departmental research concerned with “EB virus association with nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Magway”.

As continuing medical education is very essential for University education, we have numerous programmes.

For intradepartmental activity, we have daily case discussion on common histopathology, hematology or chemical pathology problems. Professor and associate professors lead the discussion and all other academic staff and post-graduate students have to be involved. Weekly talk is another intradepartmental activity in which every member of the academic staff has to present on any topic concerned with pathology. It is held on Wednesday.

For interdepartmental activity, monthly continuing medical education programme is held on every last week of the month. Departments of Clinical Pathology from Magway Teaching Hospital, Magway Regional Hospital and 100-bedded Military Hospital co-operate in this programme.