Physiology Department

The University of Medicine, Magway

Master of Medical Science Course in Physiology (M.Med.Sc. (Physiology) - full-time two year course

Aim and Objectives


To produce physiologists competent in research and teaching.


At the end of the course, the learners should be able to:

  1. discuss contemporary concepts and principles in human physiology
  2. discuss physiological mechanisms from the cellular and molecular levels to the organism as a whole
  3. discuss integrative, regulatory and adaptive aspects of human physiology
  4. discuss development of scientific thought in general and physiology as a scientific discipline in particular
  5. explore recent advances in physiology and related disciplines
  6. organize and perform basic physiological experiments
  7. state the basic principles of research methodology
  8. design, organize and perform research
  9. communicate research findings in the form of report/scientific paper/thesis
  10. apply medical education principles to teaching/learning practice
  11. effectively utilize information technology
  12. communicate ideas effectively
  13. observe and practice ethics in teaching and biomedical research
  14. critically appraise information/claims in literature
  15. upgrade oneself by continuing education and research

Duration of the Course

The duration of the course is two calendar years fulltime with full deputation privilege for the candidates.

Time allotment:

First Year Course Work:                                             45 weeks

Review/periodic tests/elective/private study:               5 weeks

First year Examination:           8 days (including one weekend)

Second year

A research proposal is to be put up at the latest by the 15th month from the start of the course. When approved, the candidate is to carry out research under supervision that needs to be completed by the end of the second year, or by the end of the 3rd year at the latest. The results of the research are embodied in a thesis to be submitted to the Board of Studies of MMedSc (Physiology) for oral defense. The candidate will be conferred with the degree only after he/she has satisfied the examiners in both parts.


            Master of Medical Science in Physiology

            An abbreviation:  M.Med.Sc. (Physiology)


Postgraduate courses (Ph.D. Course)


To produce academicians and researchers of international capable of undertaking and leading sustained, high level research in the field of physiological sciences


At the end of the course, the learner must be able to demonstrate:

  1. a full understanding of previous research literature and current academic and professional thinking;
  2. the ability to undertake sustained, high level research and master the theoretical and experimental/ methodological aspects of the subject areas relevant to the research field;
  3. the ability to communicate the subject matter of the research field, the conclusions of the particular research project, in the accepted academic form of a research thesis and to defend the thesis orally or in writing.

Course duration

Three calendar years of full-time study with extension of up to one more year if required. A maximum duration of course is 4 years.

Suggested Course Work/ Structure

The programme is based primarily on guided but self-directed adult learning through carrying out a research project, writing up of a thesis on the research work, and the oral examination for defence of the thesis.


Doctor pof Philosophy in Physiology

An abbreviation: Ph.D. (Physiology)