The University of Medicine, Magway




  1. Undergraduate course

2nd MBBS course

                  Period of study – 14 months

                  Total teaching hour- 280 hrs

      Method of teaching:

  • lecture
  • practical
  • tutorial


  1. Introduction to Biochemistry
  2. Molecular Biology
  3. Enzymology
  4. Chemistry of blood
  5. Chemistry of respiration
  6. Food and nutrition
  7. Digestion and absorption, liver and biliary system
  8. Bioenergetic, Biologic oxidation and energy metabolism
  9. Intermediary metabolism- metabolism of carbohydrate, lipid, proteins and nucleoproteins
  10. Chemistry of hormones and calcium metabolism
  11. Body fluid and Acid base balance



      (a) Formative assessment

            Four completion tests and

            One practical test in 2nd year MBBS course

      (b) Summative assessment   

           Final examination

           One (3) hours Theory paper (1 1/2 hour for MCQ  and  11/2 hour for MSQ)

           One (1) hour Practical examination.

           Viva voce- only for potential distinction candidates (a score for at least 75%) to award distinction


Allotment of final examinaion mark:

Class work                  30% (includes class tests, practical test)

Final theory                 50%

Final practical  20%

Total marks                 100%


Pass mark                    50%

Moderation                 46%

Distinction                  75%


(b) Postgraduate course

          Post graduate course M.Med.Sc.( Biochemistry) was opened in (12/2009).

One student is attending the 1st year course and one student is doing the research to summit the thesis.

Post graduate course Ph.D.( Biochemistry) was opened in (1/2017).

One student is currently attending the course.





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