The University of Medicine, Magway

Departmental objectives




At the end of the course of instruction, the leaner should be able to:


Acquire the knowledge of

  1. the laws and principle relating to the biochemical functions
  2. basic molecular biology
  3. the nutritional problems prevalent in the community
  4. molecular and biochemical basic of diseases
  5. biochemical norms and their derangement in some common diseases



   1.   Use instruments that are commonly used in laboratory by doctors

   2.   Perform procedures of basic but useful biochemical laboratory tests according to the procedure

   3.   Interpret the results obtained from the basic biochemical laboratory tests



Develop sound attitude

  1. of self education through critical reading and evaluation of information
  2. of applying scientific methods in approaching / solving problems
  3. of taking responsibilities and maintenance of discipline
  4. regarding the importance of biochemistry as the basic for understanding clinical disciplines
  5. towards the importance of imparting health education in the community
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